Laptop Power Jack Repair
Laptop DC Jack Repair



• You have to wiggle or move the power cord to get a connection
• You are able to visibly see a broken Power DC Jack
• Laptop does not charge but works on battery power
• The center pin of DC Power Jack is missing
• The power LED flickers when the adapter tip is wiggled
• Battery won’t charge
• Sparks come out the back of the laptop

What causes the DC Jack to go bad?
• Bad Design in the manufacture process
• Normal wear and tear by plugging and unplugging the adapter
• Stretching and pulling of the adapter pin in the socket loosens jack

A broken laptop power jack is a common problem that can be easily, quickly and inexpensively repaired. Laptop DC Jacks can either be soldered on to the system board or there are pigtails that slide into a channel on the base or top cover.  Unfortunately, sometimes the DC Power Jack is pushed hard and the plastic channel breaks, causing the laptop power jack to be loose and floats in the base.

Rather than fixing your old laptop power jack, we replace the dc jack with a new one.  Repairing an old DC Jack is dangerous and typically will not last.  The best and safest way to ensure a quality repair is to replace the laptop DC Jack.